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woahO i hit a milestone so hey lets do an art giveaway yeha

the rules:

  • starts july 14th and ends on july 28th
  • i’ll be choosing 3 winners using a random number generator
  • likes and reblogs count!
  • you must be following me! new followers are welcome ;v;
  • no giveaway blogs
  • keep your askbox open so i can message you if you win! if you dont respond in 48 hours, i’ll pick a new winner

the priiiiiiiiiiize:

  • 1st place - a waist-up drawing of 1 or 2 characters of your choice! in colour! woah
  • 2nd place - a waist-up drawing of 1 character of your choice! also in colour!
  • 3rd place - a bust of 1 character of your choice! in one colour!

what i’ll draw:

  • any humanoid characters! (if you want me to draw stuff like a turian or a khajiit tho, be warned that i may not be very….good at it lol)
  • if your character isn’t from a fandom that i know about and/or if they’re an oc, i’ll need references and (preferably) a run-down of their personality!!
  • check out my art tag for more examples of what i’ve drawn B)

thank you and good luck!! u 3u

last day for this! i’ll choose the winners tomorrow.

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i think the people, particularly bandits and the like, of skyrim are the most resolute and unshakeable fuckers in skyrim

like they see a level 64 warrior dragonborn with fully legendary daedric armor and legendary daedric warhammer running at them full on and they look down to their steel sword and studded armor and think

"i’m going to fuck them up”

and if that’s not the most tenacious thing you’ve ever seen in a game then i’m fucking surprised

"The breach, it’s-"


A few minutes ago my coworker said “The sexual position formerly known as 69 will now be referred to as 96. Due to the economy, the price of eating out has gone up.”

My boss is still crying.

what if legolas dies in bofta i will scream



gee….something tells me that he wont


Oh my god


Oh my god